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TOM (TOpic Modeling) is a Python library for topic modeling and browsing. Its objective is to allow for an efficient analysis of a text corpus from start to finish, via the discovery of latent topics. To this end, TOM features advanced functions for preparing and vectorizing a text corpus. It also offers a unified interface for two topic models (namely LDA using either variational inference or Gibbs sampling, and NMF using alternating least-square with a projected gradient method), and implements three state-of-the-art methods for estimating the optimal number of topics to model a corpus. What is more, TOM constructs an interactive Web-based browser that makes exploring a topic model and the related corpus easy.


Adrien Guille, Pavel Soriano (2016) TOM: A library for topic modeling and browsing
Actes de la conférence française sur l'Extraction et la Gestion des Connaissances (EGC), pp. 451-456


TOM is distributed via GitHub under the terms of the MIT licence.


Check out the EGC anthology browser that was automatically generated with TOM.

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